2 Apr 2014

There's no home for you here girl, go away



I'm sitting is some completely unrecognisable office cafeteria, in the table next to me someone is pronouncing the names of European cities in a disgustingly Finnish way, the kitchen reminds me of an old school cafeteria. 

Finland and the spirit of it is Nokia proudness, bad postures, lifeless lights, juice concentrate, goatees, grey discreet metal eyeglasses, grated carrots, leafless trees in the ruthless and ugly spring light, gravel everywhere, foldaway furniture. A bold risk-taker might wear a yellow blazer to the office, but won't let out a loud laughter. The complete opposite of all this is what the word 'bohemian' describes. The blue-purple non-color of the collared shirts narrates an aesthetic and a lifestyle of simplicity, hygiene, undressed from ornaments. The ghost-like grumpy faces I see this morning are either too reticent to take a stand, or complete killjoys. Rye bread crumbs on the table tell about some 

kind of cohesion.

This morning someone on the radio said that Finnish people are one of the most satisfied populations, and frankly, I think that's propaganda bullshit. Is all that a lie, so the sensitive and cagey wouldn't get too upset? First of all, Finland holds a statistic of most murders in western Europe. Most suicides in northern Europe. Rape statistics are high as well. Most guns after USA and Yemen, Yemen is in a war state. Alcohol is the main reason for deaths among men. So either you kill yourself, alcohol kills you, or someone else kills you. Finland falls silent about mental health issues, the news always tell a new story about a jealous partner choosing murder over dealing with it, feelings aren't a subject one is allowed to talk about. Nobody ever fucking dares to do anything. BOHEMIAN is the opposite of ALL THIS. The definition of 'artist's life' is seen in the beer romanticising skateboarding rats, whose good heart should not be blamed. The 'artist's life' is McDonalds after a long night, cheap beer.

All the evil that grows in the bottom of the stomach of this country could in no possible way raise the living standards to anything moderately satisfied.

27 Mar 2014

Androcentric language

The problem with using masculine language such as 'Hey guys' 'mankind' 'man' or 'dude' to refer to both men and women is that men are seen as the 'norm' and women as the 'other' and that women are made to fit a leftover space in the language.

Some gender neutral pronouns that have been proposed and have gained popularity, which you should start learning and using are 'they', 'them', and 'ze' / 'hir'. (Ze called. I answered hir. Hir voice was nice to hear. Hirs new job was going well. Ze sees hirself doing it for a good while.)

So, instead of 'mankind' say 'humankind'. 'Fire-fighter' for 'fireman'. 'Businessperson' for 'businessman'. 'Police-officer' for 'policeman'.

Tell me if you have ideas on what to do with 'dude' or 'hey guys!' Maybe avoid them.

8 Mar 2014

♀ The Purloined Sex (from E.R.O.S - Woman, by Nina Power, 2013) ♀

'The problem, simply stated, is that one must believe in the existence of the person in order to recognize the authenticity of her suffering. Neither men nor women believe in the existence of women as significant beings.' - Andrea Dworkin

'The wounds, deprivations and suffering women suffer today - as simultaneously as lovers, workers, wives, mothers - have crystalized themselves for me in the image of decapitation.' - Julia Kristeva

'But here we might ask: What is left when the body rendered coherent through the category of sex is disaggregated, rendered chaotic? Can this body be re-membered, be put back together again?' - Judith Butler

What does it mean to say that more than 50% of the world's population suffers from a lack of existence? That this majority is - somehow - without a head? That this headless body is itself then further taken apart and its recomposition the object of a pessimistic question? What does the word 'woman' mean outside of its purely 'othering' qualities - not man, no longer girl? And yet 'women' are everywhere, as a shorthand for a visual and structural 'otherness' that renders the category split among even (or especially) those who are supposed to inhabit the role: you have to care not only what 'kind' of woman you are, but also how this type operates as a relation - one is not born, but typifies a woman, and then you still have to 'become' one on top of that too. What a ridiculous amount of work required, oscillating between essence and existence, only to fail constantly! Meanwhile, an all-pervasive neutrality operates at the heart of Man, where this identity disappears ever-effortlessly into the purloined letter of gender, written in invisible ink. Hidden in plain sight and that sight itself obscured.

♀ • ♀ • ♀

Artwork by Rosemarie Trockel, 'Replace me'

21 Feb 2014

10 Feb 2014

U n l o v a b l e

Unlovable, 2014

Lately I've been inspired by photographing myself.
My journey starts here; I need to know how to pose and how to get into a trans-like mood if I want that out of my models. I feel more in touch with my work when I'm in direct contact with everything that happens.
When I photograph myself, I am all the characters that other people would reflect if I took photos of them. I feel that an artist needs to be fully comfortable with doing the same things in front of a camera or a canvas as s/he asks the model to do. I know a lot of people are up for modeling, and I am curious about it, looking forward to it. I'm silly for thinking about my work in such a selfish way.
Sometimes when I take photos of other people, I want them to stage certain situations or seem like they're having certain feelings, I feel like I'm bugging them for some reason. Trying to saw open my own skull, take my brain, wash it and put it in your skull. Just so that we'd have the same idea.

At this stage I just couldn't explain why sometimes things take a long time or why I might be stricter and push them more than they think I would. It's work. I'm not a bad friend but I'm a frustrated little devil of a photographer.

In the end, art comes from exploring one's own mind. It's a highly personal way of storytelling. When I finish something, I feel like life is coming back to my rotting body.

28 Jan 2014

Because of you

Because of you, 2013


Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream

This reminds me of someone and it haunts.

22 Jan 2014

New work and a new website

'The prettiest flowers will grow when your body rots to the earth' 
43 x 20 x 20 cm
taxidermy rabbit, artificial flowers, wire, glue, glass dome

1/3 of a serie. More to come soon.


The sketch: